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(888) 447-3449

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Waterflow, NM

What We Do

Our Mission

Our Goal Is To Give The Heartbroken
Support & A Place To Move Forward

We aim to provide the rest and regeneration needed so that no pastor or ministry leader ever attempts to quit.

We want to provide the haven and respite needed for rebuilding the bond of family after the trials and tribulations of life.

We provide space needed to reconnect with God and family in order to set your feet on a clear path toward recovery.

We have the facilities to accommodate the comfort of small groups with a unique atmosphere in which to revitalize your staff.

We offer a place to spend time in study and prayer, and provide the perfect facilities for group Bible studies or soulwinning clinics.

We look forward to hosting your next retreat, family reunion, or campout. Discover a place where great memories can be made.

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With this ministry’s 501c3 status, all donations to the Amanda Ranch and the Binding the Broken Hearted Ministries are a tax deductible donation. You can submit your donation history as a deduction for a charitable donation.

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A Crucial Key To Grief Recovery

A Crucial Key To Grief Recovery

Broken? Rejected? Grieving? Anyone answering, “Yes,” is in good company. The longer we live, the more loss we will experience. God never intended for our lives to be free from…

Peace is Possible

Peace is Possible

While much can be said about the troubles and trials of life and how to handle them, I discovered that once I was forced to ride out my own storm…

How To Grieve When Everyone Else Moves On

How To Grieve When Everyone Else Moves On

While grieving after loss is normal and necessary for healing, glorifying grief is unhealthy and inhibits recovery. I had never heard of “glorifying grief” until I read how my pastor…

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