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A Place of Recovery

It is not a matter of “if” life’s trials and tribulations will come for the Christian but a matter of “when.”

After experiencing loss, the grief-stricken often unknowingly take one of two extreme paths. They will push themselves back into everything they were doing before suffering loss and freefall into utter exhaustion; or give up on everything, isolate themselves, and plummet toward depression. Is there an alternative to these two extremes? We know that in Matthew 14, Jesus took some “time apart” after the death of his friend John the Baptist. Time apart allows for an emotional, physical, and spiritual reset so that the brokenhearted can approach the stages of grief with what is needed for the road to recovery.

How We Help To Support Recovery

At the Amanda Ranch, we understand your need to get away from the busyness of life to allow yourself to grieve on the journey toward recovery. Not only does the Amanda Ranch offer the perfect atmosphere to “get away from it all” but it will also allow for the space needed to reconnect with God and family in order to set your feet on a clear path toward recovery. Let the Amanda Ranch be your place of recovery.

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If you are or know someone who has lost a loved one and needs a place to process and get help, let us know to receive a packet of information.

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