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A Place of Rest

Storms will do their best to damage the Christian on the tumultuous sea of life.

Often, navigating the “new normal” after a trial can seem unsurmountable, creating feelings of being disconnected and useless. Loss of a loved one, health struggles, satanic attacks, and broken dreams are just a few of the painful life experiences that can lead to fractured relationships. 

At the Amanda Ranch, we understand the importance of coming together with your spouse and family after such a time to renew strength in your relationships. Here, we want to provide the haven and respite needed for rebuilding the bond of family after the trials and tribulations of life. Let the Amanda Ranch be your place of rest.

How We Help Provide Rest

Here, your family can enjoy activities from horseback riding, kayaking, riding ATVs, or long walks by the San Juan River. Relax by the in-ground swimming pool or nap in one of our swinging hammocks. Gather around the long table for meals and a game night, then roast marshmallows around the campfire beneath a starry sky. Offsite are a myriad of family activities such as whitewater rafting, national parks, etc. Learn more on our concierge page HERE.

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