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A Place of Revival

Taking time to physically be a part of missions often revives the heart closer to God and renews a passion to see the lost saved.

In Scripture, God’s servants are often found taking time to get alone with God when in need of revival in their lives. God was able to show them during those moments where they were lacking and to give them what they needed for revival in their work for God.

How We Help With Revivals

At the Amanda Ranch, not only do we offer a unique atmosphere for Christians to spend time in study and prayer, but we also provide the perfect facilities for group Bible studies or soulwinning clinics. Also, the nearby ministry to the Navajo Indians and the experience of its veteran missionary Don Chitty offer church groups the perfect place for missions trips for teenagers or even adults. The Amanda Ranch wants to help you and your ministry experience revival to continue making an impact for the cause of Christ. Let the Amanda Ranch be your place of revival.

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