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Waterflow, NM

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There Is A Multitude of Space and Activities at the Ranch

The 5000-square foot ranch house is located on approximately 60 acres. From the spacious kitchen to the many gathering spaces you will find the ranch house the perfect place to unwind or spend time with family or friends.

You will find the spacious courtyard equipped with sitting areas, fire pit and full sized swimming pool. Relax while sitting on the banks of the San Juan river or fish in one of the stocked ponds. Conveniently located in the Four Corners Area which makes it a short drive to visit some of the country’s most amazing sites.

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Here's How You Can Support the Ranch

With this ministry’s 501(c)(3) status, all donations to the Amanda Ranch and the Binding the Broken Hearted Ministries are a tax deductible donation.

Become a Trailblazer

This level of sponsorship allows the weary in spirit to take the dream of coming to the Amanda Ranch from a possibility to a reality.

$4,000 donation


Sponsor a Day

Whether you wish to celebrate the birthday of a loved one or commemorate the day you lost a loved one, choose a specific date to sponsor the ministry.

$200 donation


Become A Monthly Partner

The Difference Makers at the Amanda Ranch are those making a monthly commitment to make a lasting difference in the lives of those who are grieving.

$20 donation


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A Crucial Key To Grief Recovery

A Crucial Key To Grief Recovery

Broken? Rejected? Grieving? Anyone answering, “Yes,” is in good company. The longer we live, the more loss we will experience. God never intended for our lives to be free from…

Peace is Possible

Peace is Possible

While much can be said about the troubles and trials of life and how to handle them, I discovered that once I was forced to ride out my own storm…

How To Grieve When Everyone Else Moves On

How To Grieve When Everyone Else Moves On

While grieving after loss is normal and necessary for healing, glorifying grief is unhealthy and inhibits recovery. I had never heard of “glorifying grief” until I read how my pastor…

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