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In a quick internet search, copious resources can be found, claiming to aid in grief recovery. Social media is peppered with quotes, advice, and dissertations on the stages of grief. However, an overwhelming majority of this content has a common theme. That theme is a secular foundation of grief management and recovery. Rarely is this advice sourced from Biblical foundations and often it parallels nonspiritual “self-help” ideas. For so long, there has been a void of Bible-based resources to help Christians as they navigate the tumultuous waters of grief recovery.

            Grief is most certainly a spiritual matter.

God gave humans the emotions that are felt throughout the grieving process, so we can be certain His ways to manage grief are much different from the typical humanistic views. Interspersed throughout the Bible are testimonies of God’s people suffering and the many ways, good and bad, in which they responded to their trials. Christians have failed in the fact that we have ignored the grieving process in our ministries, causing God’s people to turn to secular resources. Churches and pastors have almost no scriptural-based resources when looking for grief guidance or no place of retreat where they may rest and recharge to continue after battling in the ministry.

            Because of a lack of resources and biblical teaching many pastors and churches are wrongly adopting social justice positions instead of engaging in spiritual warfare. In today’s politically polarized climate, churches and pastors are under attack. The “Me Too” movement and the “Church Too” movement have weaponized themselves against the purpose of the church and have actively sought to destroy churches, pastors, and Christians. Where do those pastors go to rest and recover so that they may return to their ministries refreshed and prepared to continue fighting the battle?

            Now through the Amanda Ranch and Bind the Brokenhearted Ministries, Christians will have access to a myriad of resources and benefits to support them as they grieve, to learn to respond correctly to life’s trials, and to facilitate scriptural methods that will enable them to help others who are suffering. The uniqueness of this ministry is like no other in the fact that not only will the Amanda Ranch provide a place of rest and relief for the hurting, but it also offers the opportunity for benefactors to be sure their tax-deductible donations will be used to further the cause of Christ. Donors may discover that their generosity could in fact become an investment in their own futures when one day they themselves may necessitate the solace and healing found at the Amanda Ranch.

Exorbitant amounts are spent on flowers sent to the grieving as a gesture of comfort. How much more would those funds comfort by sending the grieving to the Amanda Ranch where they can find solace to make the turn onto a road to recovery in their journey through heartache? Just as Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ weary arms in the battle, so also can donors hold up the arms of their pastors, families, and fellow Christians by allowing them to recharge in a place designed to enable a perfect atmosphere for recovery.

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