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(888) 447-3449

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Waterflow, NM

Your gift to the amanda ranch

Gives hope to the grieving

and the opportunity to begin the healing process

What Your contribution does

The Amanda Ranch is focused on giving the grieving an oasis to rest in the desert of their time of grief. It offers a peaceful setting to press that reset button and learn how God has made a way for them to take that journey through heartache.

To be able to provide a space of grace for the grieving, donations to the Amanda Ranch give broken people the opportunity to find Bible-based relief in their time of grief.

With this ministry’s 501c3 status, all donations to the Amanda Ranch and the Binding the Broken Hearted Ministries are a tax deductible donation. You can submit your donation history as a deduction for a charitable donation.

Every donation is

Become a Trailblazer

Trailblazers are founders that go above and beyond in helping the vision of the Amanda Ranch. With only 100 spots, these partners are committed to giving a place for the grieving to get through the process.

Become A Day Sponsor

Whether you wish to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, or commemorate the day you lost a loved one, the Day Sponsors of the Amanda Ranch choose a specific date that they wish to sponsor the ministry.

Become A Difference Maker

The Difference Makers at the Amanda Ranch are those making a monthly commitment to make a lasting difference in the lives of those who are grieving.

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